All Hail Mouth-breathers!

mouth-breathSleeping is the best thing that a human can allow their body to do. Sleep replenishes your energy, allows your blood pressure to slow down and your heart to calm. It is great for mental refreshment as well. There are a lot of issues that can plague people while they are trying to sleep though. For instance, if you have an uncomfortable bed you probably won’t get a great nights’ sleep. You might toss and turn a lot which will interrupt your REM cycle and not allow your body to get that relaxation it needs. As well, if you have a lot of stress or you’re one of those people whose mind works a mile a minute just the act of falling asleep can be difficult. There’s also another big preventer of sleep: snoring. Whether you are the one who actually does the snoring the one who has to live with the snoring it’s not a nice environment and it can cause a lot of stress and problems.

But there are ways to circumvent snoring. There are many products on the market that are designed to help you alleviate snoring from special pillows to nasal strips to mouthpieces. Of course, not every single product is going to work for everyone and you really shouldn’t think that there is a cookie-cutter solution for the issue. Every single person is different so what works for your friend might not work for you. You need to consider your position when you sleep, the amount of sleep you’re getting and even the way you breathe when you sleep.
Most people are able to breathe through their noses whether they snore or not. For those people, anti-snoring mouthpieces are generally the way to go. Of course, if you are a mouth-breather that doesn’t mean your options are limited. This is where careful research will come into play and consideration for your own comfort. Mouthpieces have been proven to reduce or eliminate snoring and many of them have to undergo rigorous testing to be approved for sale by health authorities.

If you Google anti-snoring mouthpieces you will probably see a lot of pictures and products that look like a mouth guard that you wear when you sleep. At this point, all the mouth-breathers are probably thinking this is not for them. If you breathe through your mouth and this hunk of plastic blocks off that airway your snoring will probably get worse, right? Not necessarily. You need to look for those snoring mouthpieces that keep mouth-breathers in mind. They’re people too!

One of the better anti-snoring mouthpieces out there that does just this is the ZQuiet®. The way it is designed makes it very friendly for those who breathe through their mouths as they sleep. Instead of having a thick plastic mouthpiece that blocks off all airways and forces you to breathe through your nose the ZQuiet® is designed to have a hinge and allow air in through the mouth. Think of those fake vampire teeth you probably wore as a kid. Remember how they slid into your mouth and covered your teeth? The top was connected to the bottom so it still allowed you to talk and maybe drink something. The ZQuiet® is designed in much the same fashion; of course it is thicker and has other properties other than making your teeth look cool.

As one of the better mouthpieces on the market that is ranked highly for mouth-breathers and non-mouth-breathers alike you can’t really go wrong with investing in this product to help you curb your snoring issue. If you really want to, you could probably attach fake plastic vampire teeth to it to relive your childhood but I would really recommend it. The ZQuiet® is cool enough on its own.

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